Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful crossover

A fan-made video containing some possible spoilers for Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful! The reason: he got 2 new obsessions: Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful, so he made this crossover.

Madame Vastra: You met the Doctor, didn’t you?
Ethan: Yes..
Madame Vastra: And, now, you’ve come looking for him again. Why?
E.: Why do you think?

Doc.: This will hurt a little..
Clara: Au!

E.: I need you.
D.: I can’t go back to that house.
E.: So what the hell do we do now?

C.: When do we get to meet him? This silent partner of yours. Why he is so shy?
E.: That’s not a good idea.

C.: Who are you?
D.: I’m a Doctor.
C.: Doctor Who?
D.: You should not be here.

D.: People have been dying around me all my life.

D.: (We’re) facing the consequences of our actions that have produced catastrophe.

E.: There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around.

D.: (I’m)selecting (my) traveling companions.

C.: Run you clever boy…

C.: Doctor!!

E.: We’ve all done things to survive.

Daleks: Doc-tor!

C.: You wanted to see me?
D.: I will not bore myself with explanations you could not possibly understand. Now, kindly, stop wasting my time and get out!

Characters: Clara Oswald, Ethan Chandler, dr Victor Frankenstein


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