Popularity battle by Twitter

David Tennant and Billie Piper taking part at the Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia in the United States (9th – 10th May) while Matt Smith, Freema Agyeman and Alex Kingston were in Brisbane attending the Whoniverse Five City Tour in Australia (9th – 17th May).

David Tennant: “We’re killing it up her in Philly. They love us in Philly. I think they prefer us to you. That’s very much the vibe that we’re getting.”

Matt Smith: “Tennant, Piper, hello. We see your video and we raise your video dude.”

Alex Kingston: “Our video is so much better than your video.”

David Tennant: “Matt, Freema, Alex. So you sent a video from your Australian convention – oh look at us we’ve got thousands of friends here – all cheering and whooping and showing off. Well I’m in Philadelphia and behind these walls is all of Philadelphia, about 4.5 million people ready to tell you how popular we are. But i don’t need to show you that… You just have to trust me.”


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