Scenes from Journey to the Centre of TARDIS

This first video is about the conversation between Clara and the Doctor about his name.

“The library, I saw it. You were mentioned in a book…”

“I’m mentioned in a lot of books.”

“You call yourself “Doctor,” why do you do that? You have a name, I’ve seen it…”

Relive the Doctor’s climatic confrontation of Clara in this episode “Who are you, Clara?” – and watch as they bravely leap off a cliff and into the TARDIS’s engine:

“I look at you every single day, and I don’t understand a single thing about you. Why do I keep running into you?”

“What are you, eh? A trick? A trap?”

“I have piloted this ship for over 900 years. Trust me this one time, please… Okay, okay, as well as all the other times. Ready? Geronimo!”


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