The Day of the Doctor: the TV trailer, 50th anniversary

Spectacular action from the 50th Anniversary Special episode, The Day of the Doctor, in this official BBC One trailer. The 40 seconds of the footage begins with the Tardis looking in pretty rough shape, with footprints suggesting its recent inhabitant has made a swift escape…

The trailer stars the two Doctors – Matt Smith and David Tennant – together for the first time with the now-iconic fez and Amy’s glasses.Their companions, Jenna Coleman as Clara and Billie Piper as Rose, also appear in the footage, as does Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I. And the Daleks are out to “EXTERMINATE” once again.


The jam-packed edit comes to a close with Rose informing John Hurt’s character, “The moment is coming,” to which he replies, “I’m ready,” before Matt Smith yells “Geronimo” from within the Tardis.


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