The Doctor Who team on Angels and what’s in store for the Doctor

Find out more about shooting the Ponds’ farewell.. and the Doctor Who Christmas adventure!

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  1. Review by Patrick J. Murphy for Rating: A surprisingly cbreeral and complexly crafted story from an author whose other offerings tend to entertain primarily through fast-paced, graphic action scenes rather than by way of thoughtful character development and mature dialogue. This book is much slower and deliberate than its predecessors but is far richer for it.The book primarily centers around the interrogation of a captured Fallen Angel traitor by his erstwhile brothers in arms, the loyalist space marines of the Dark Angels chapter. For the first time that I’m aware of, the long hidden secret which torments the Dark Angels chapter is revealed and afficionados of the Warhammer 40K universe are treated to an in-depth examination of the tragic schism which nearly destroyed the Dark Angels during the height of the Horus Heresy.Far too often, chaos space marines and other foes of the Imperium are portrayed as mindless lunatics hellbent on destruction. Not so here. Thorpe’s antagonist is lucid, articulate and just as convinced of the righteousness of his cause as are the Dark Angels of theirs. Through such a character, Thorpe admirably manages to capture all of the depth and nuance that the 40K setting has to offer. Highly recommended for all Dark Angel devotees and anyone who finds the backdrop of the 40K universe as entertaining and compelling as the game itself.

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