Time War Chronicles – The beginning & final day

The beginning: the first installment of Babelcolour‘s Time War Chronicles: The Time Lords make a pre-emptive strike, Skaro is destroyed and renewed, Davros is killed and resurrected, the Doctor dies and regenerates, president Rassilon is resurrected, the Master is resurrected but flees the War, the Time Lock is engaged, the Cult of Skaro remove themselves from the War in a void ship and secure the Genesis Ark and Dalek Caan flies back into the heart of the Time War.

The final day: the last installment of Babelcolour‘s Time War Chronicles: the Fall of Arcadia, the theft of the Moment, a drumbeat is sent back in time to the infant Master, Gallifrey teleports to Earth, Rassilon is defeated, the Moment brings Doctors 10 & 11 to Gallifrey, the Time-Lines are changed, a sneak peek at The Ten Doctors Part 4, Gallifrey is frozen in an instant of time.


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