What do fans say when they recognize you on the street?

When celebrities run into their fans, they get everything from “You’re famous . . . who are you again?” to being called the completely wrong name. Or they think you are Sherlock Holmes, the detective from Doctor Who. Of course, you should be Benedict Cumberbatch and very annoyed to be told that… “I’m not even going to begin to explain how wrong that is…”

Vanity Fair has released a video compiling a ton of famous actors explaining the most bizarre reactions they’ve had when meeting fans. Some of the fan responses stars including Eddie Redmayne, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon have received go from the hilarious and factually incorrect to the downright rude.

If these reactions were all correct, Jennifer Connelly would be Demi Moore and Elizabeth Bank’s appearance in 40 Year Year Old Virgin would be her crowning moment. Keira Knightley has it bad with the awkward “aren’t you Anne Hathaway?” question. Jake Gyllenhaal’s selfie-obsessed fans said that they “don’t want to talk to you, we just want a picture with you.”

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